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It is perfectly ‘normal’ to get a bit nervous about learning to drive.


In the modern world getting around without a car can be very difficult.  It can prevent you from doing basic things like going to the shops or enjoying a day out with friends. It could even hold your career back. We can help take away the stress of driving and calm those nerves!


Steer Ahead Driving School specialises in assisting new and existing drivers with their driving anxiety.

We will calmly assess your level of anxiety to help you feel comfortable and in control of your nerves to ensure a safe drive. This will help us to better understand what is triggering and/or may be increasing levels of anxiety. Once we find the root-cause we can work together as a team to help craft your lessons appropriately and to build your confidence not just as a driver but as a person too.



Over the past five years, we've been helping people who are held back by the anxiety they feel about driving, providing a safe, trusted and supportive environment within which they are able to investigate, experiment and learn how to cope with their anxiety during driving lessons.


No two persons experience of anxiety are alike.  The root cause of driving anxiety will be different for each individual, it may be the fear of causing an accident, perhaps the fear of making a mistake, or even fear of sitting in the car with an unknown instructor, in fact the list of reasons is as diverse as the people who experience anxiety, it’s different for everyone.  And it’s just as likely that a sufferer has no idea why they feel like they do about driving, especially when in other areas of life they may be supremely confident.


With our broad range of experiences, we can help you! Don’t just take our word for it, read our testimonials to see what other students thought.