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48 hours notice of cancellation must be given or the lesson will be charged at the instructors discretion.


If the lesson is cancelled on the day, the lesson will need to be paid in full.

When an instructor meets for a driving lesson at an agreed appointment date, time and location and the pupil does not attend their lesson within 15 minutes of their agreed start time then the pupil will be charged the equivalent to a full lesson.

The Driving School cannot be held responsible for electrical or mechanical faults occurring during lesson or test.

The Driving School reserves the right to withhold its cars if, in the opinion of the instructor, the pupil has not reached the required standard for a driving test.

Lessons must be paid for at the beginning of the lesson. Pre-Paid lessons, i.e. blocks of 10, should be paid in full at the beginning of the first lesson.

If you stop driving lessons before using up your full 10 hours in a 10 hour offer, you must claim the balance within 12 months or the balance will be lost.

If pre-paid offers are cancelled before the hours are used up there will be an admin charge of £15.