What do people say about us?

If you want to find out some more information about what our students have said about our services, read these testimonials below. All students have the opportunity to give us a testimonial and here is a selection that chose to.

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Tony is a fantastic instructor, I would highly recommend him and his carefully planned and structured lessons



Tony is an incredible instructor who never pushed me to far but always gave me confidents to try something new and test my abilities

Tia - From Hayley

Tony was a fab instructor for my daughter, Tia. Patient, understanding and a great confidence builder! Would highly recommend😃



Tony was a great instructor who was incredibly patient and great at making you feel comfortable and confident



I seriously recommend Tony as an instructor, having spoken to friends who are learning to drive and are struggling, it's obvious he is a phenomenal instructor. Tony is extremely calm and patient with his pupils. He has given me the confidence to succeed. It was a really enjoyable and unique experience.



I would really recommend Tony as a driving instructor, I never felt pressured or uncomfortable during my lessons and they were always well organised according to my weaknesses, thanks to Tony I achieved a first time pass.



Thank you so much!! Highly recommend Tony. An amazing instructor and person.

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Thanks Tony!


Very good driving instructor, was always reliable, helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend to friends, and thanks for all your help :)



I can’t thank Tony enough for his patience and hard work which has more than paid off! Before I started learning, I could never see myself driving a car; I always told myself I just wouldn’t understand... I can't believe I proved myself wrong and passed first time! Tony’s lessons were always


structured, planned and suited to my individual needs, focusing on my areas for improvement and always ensuring my strengths were at the highest standard they could be. I would 100% recommend Tony to anyone looking to start taking lessons...great instructor!!


Real big thank you to Tony at Steer Ahead Driving School. Thank you for helping me pass first time, I have grown in confidence with your tuition. And would recommend you to anyone.




Tony is an amazing instructor with well-planned lessons that allow you to build your confidence and make improvements every week. He makes you feel at ease, he’s patient, explains things in a clear calm and friendly manner. The “driving” diary is a great 

example of how professional and organised his lessons are. Many thanks again Tony for easing my nerves and helping me pass my test. Hope to see you soon for my pass plus modules.


I'd just like to say a massive thanks to Tony for all help and support to help me pass my test first time !! Great instructor that I would recommend to any one. Thanks again!



Tony is an amazing instructor who always kept me confident and didn't let me give up. He planned the lessons around my strengths and weaknesses, helping me to learn. He always made time to fit me in especially close to my test. He was very patient and I would highly recommend him to anyone.



I would 100% recommend Tony to anyone who is learning to drive. He’s very encouraging, patient and makes you feel comfortable even if you’re a nervous driver to begin with. He gives a lot of advice on what to improve on in each lesson. He also gives you the 


opportunity to choose what you’d like to improve on in some lessons. Thank you so much for all of your support throughout my driving experience.


Tony made me feel very confident, even when I made mistakes he simplified manoeuvres, which on test day, made them feel easy, so I could just focus on my nerves

John P.jpg


Tony has been such a great instructor, for myself and two other family members! He is so patient and will always do what you feel comfortable at, at your level! He make sure that you are 110% ready for your tests and will help you any way shape or form! I 100% recommend Tony!



Thanks to Tony, I passed my driving test first time, which I think is amazing as I was scared to drive before being taught by him. He is a calm and patient instructor who plans lessons to improve your weaknesses, while also considering what you feel you need to improve too. I highly recommend being taught by Tony, he’s the best.

Aimee (Cropped).jpg


Thank you so much Tony for being such an amazing and patient driving instructor, Tony helped me gain confidence and I have now passed my driving test 1st time!

Charlotte (Cropped).jpg


English is not my first language but I am learning at the same time as taking the driving lessons, Tony has been extremely patient with me and very encouraging, and I was delighted when I passed first time, thank you so much Tony.



Thank you Tony for helping me pass my test, I would without a doubt recommend you to anyone learning to drive. You are so patient and calm which made me feel as ease while driving.



Thank you so much Tony for being the best instructor and for being so patient and calm. I Would 100% recommend Tony to anyone wanting to learn to drive and especially people who are nervous as he makes you feel so comfortable and is very understanding.



Thank you so much Tony, would 100% recommend! Really genuine guy and helped me pass first time!




Tony is a very supportive instructor. I have anxiety and he managed to get me through the test. He is a friend as well as an instructor... he won't just sit silently and only speak when there's an issue, he will have a full conversation and will not judge you for  mistakes or anything, instead he says how it can be improved and sets specific targets for his 

students, which work. Everything is explained clearly so the student knows exactly what is going to happen. Thank you Tony for helping me to pass.


Very supportive and great instructor! Thank you lots for all you help with driving, you have been great and helped me learn to be a safe driver!



Thank you so much Tony! I really appreciate it truly. You’re such a good teacher and made me feel like I could actually do it and I did and I’m so grateful☺. Thank you! Would highly recommend Tony! A great instructor who tailors lessons according to your ability. I was always made to feel comfortable and, more importantly, I was always made to feel capable. He gave me heaps of confidence, especially with the parking manoeuvres and was always patient when I was struggling. He is 100% dedicated to getting you through the test and I really cannot thank Tony enough!



Thank you so much Tony. I passed with 2 minors today and It has been a pleasure learning with you as your technique of teaching is so good.


Will miss our lessons.


All the best,




I would recommend Steer Ahead to anyone I know! Tony always made me feel very comfortable in the car and never pushed me above my abilities. I never thought I would actually pass my test and I couldn’t of done it without the help of Tony! :)


The learning experience is very enjoyable. Tony give a lots of useful information for passing the test and how to pass a test. Tony is also very very patient. When I made faults Tony gave me lots of examples to guide me to the right places and make me clam down and improve by learning from faults.


Tony is a great teacher and instructor he is patient and covers all your minor and major mistakes you make during your lessons. Highly recommend him.


My overall experience with Tony as my instructor has been great. He has been very informative and supportive throughout my lessons and test, along with sending links to any helpful videos to help with progressing in lessons.


Tony at Steer Ahead, you’ve been absolutely brilliant with Alicia learning to drive and now she’s passed. Originally she didn’t want to go with a male instructor but on her first lesson with you she felt so comfortable, relaxed and calm so she chose to continue. She told me how patient, calm and supportive you were teaching her which helped massively with her anxiety. I thought you’re block lesson pricing was really competitive compared to others also. It’s great that you’re local also. Thank you so much. She’s now on the road ready to enjoy her little car safely.